Monday, July 15, 2013

How and When to Levy a Fine and Suspend Rights of Owners

Associations often face situations when owners violate the governing rules of the association. These violations literally span the scope of imagination. Boards seem well aware that fining and suspending certain rights are mechanisms available to enforce rules, but there are often misunderstandings on the process to properly implement and enforce them. Click through for a guide on suspending owners right and for levying and collecting condominium fines...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Florida House Bill 7119 - Who is the "previous owner"?

Governor Scott recently signed House Bill 7119 - Homeowners Associations (HB 7119) into law. One of the key provisions of this bill is that the association is now exempt from the definition of "previous owner" when it come to the "safe harbor."  In a previous post, legislative summary, it mentions that there will be more discussion on what this provision exactly means for associations. Follow the jump to see what impact this will have on homeowners associations across the state, and what impact it wont have?????